драйвер elan touchpad windows 10 для acer

I have an Aspire ES1-711-P14W and have build 10240 of Windows 10 and the Elantech touchpad does not function in 10, This is not a hardware issue because it functions fine in Windows 8.1. I have tried the drivers from acer, looked in the bios for anthing mouse related. It does not show up in the device manager, when I unplug my Logitech mouse the «Mouse and Other Pointing Devices» tab dissapeares. It looks like Windows 10 is not even loading a generic driver. When I unplug my external mouse the cursor dissapeares as well.

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I have a Aspire S7-392-9439 and I have the same problem after installing Windows 10.

Type Mouse into the Start Menu and run the mouse control panel. Go to ELAN Tab on Mouse Properties.

The problems I see are that

1) the «Enable Device» is ghosted (whether or not any external devices are plugged in)

2) «Disable when external USB pointing device plug in» is checked, even after I uncheck it and Restart. it sets this back to «checked» status no matter what.

If I click on «Enable Device» it runs the driver software, however the two buttons don’t work. i.e. left button, right button. You can move the pointer around just fine using the Touchpad as normal. Also, multi-finger gestures don’t work like two finger scrolling, etc..

Also when you click on Options to bring up the «Elan Smart Pad» options for the Touchpad. You will notice that this button does nothing.

I have noticed that after setting things up correctly and Restarting Windows 10, and logging in as normal, the touchpad will operate correctly for a few seconds. I can move the pointer around and close Explorer windows that are open, for example. However, as system tray icons continue to load in and other programs start up e.g. Sticky Notes and so on. the touchpad breaks down and you can’t see any pointer or get anything done. Something breaks it after it was working!

The ELAN software is simply not finished off for Windows 10. it needs to be finished off ASAP as our computers are somewhat broken.


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